Braneworlds CD from Kupka's Piano

The new CD Braneworlds from Kupka's Piano is now available (see the CD section of this website for more information) and it has already attracted some attention. Pedro Alvarez, in his Some Recent CDs Received blog, has the following to say about flux:

"Just released last week in Brisbane, this CD is  ... packed with engaging music played vigorously by this young and essential ensemble from Queensland.

"Legendary composer Chris Dench offers in ‘Flux’ a new score full of vital pulsation. There’s nothing obvious or gratuitous about this piece. Explosions of voluptuous polyphonic density disseminate into fragile and almost lyrical lines through different paths. The kind of intellectual incisiveness that you’d expect from Dench is in good shape, and in no way secludes a most rewarding listening experience".

I had never thought of myself as 'legendary'...