Lost property

There was a time, long before the advent of photocopiers, let alone scanners, when music was reproduced using smelly chemical baths or hard labour. In my teens and early twenties I produced a number of pieces that for this reason existed only in a very small number of copies, and over the years I have lost not only my original manuscripts but also any reproductions of most of these works. I know that if there are any copies in existence out there in the wider world they are very few in number. Ironically, the only pieces I can remember in enough detail to attempt a reconstruction are the earliest, two (three?) piano pieces I wrote in 1967, but it would be simpler and more reliable to find the score.

The works in question are, with approximate dates:

  • lamentations (piano solo) (1967)
  • moods (recorder and piano) (1968)
  • starharvest (orchestra) (1975)
  • Capablanca as Beethoven (countertenor, sax, clar, percussion, cello) (1976)
  • erscheinung der nacht (small ensemble) (1977)
  • compulsion (violin and piano) (1978)
  • nox mirabilis (solo violin) (1979)

These are the ones I remember.

If anyone has any idea where a score of any of these works, or others of the same vintage, might be lodged, please drop me a line through this website.