Czerny Haydn Variations / Stamitz / Vogler
Felicja Blumental

It is pleasing to see that Felicja Blumental’s 1968 recording of the Carl Czerny Variations on a Theme of Haydn has been reissued on the Brana label. For those who already know this work this will be welcome news, and for those who don’t …well, imagine a mid-Classical set of large-scale variations for piano and orchestra on Deutschland, Deutschland Über Alles and you have the general idea. It has something of the same teasing quality and wit of the Dohnanyi Nursery Variations. Whenever the ABC broadcast this work we at Thomas’ get calls from customers wanting the recording, and finally we are able to oblige. The remainder of the CD, a Stamitz Piano Concerto, and another set of large-scale piano and orchestra Variations by George Joseph Vogler are amiable enough, and the sound is quite acceptable, the age imparting an appropriately bygone feel.

Review reprinted with permission of Thomas’ Music.