Brisbane concert: Singular Vectors

Greg Hooper writes:

Sometimes reviewing a concert can be a drag—maybe the work is just not that interesting, or the performances not that good and it is hard to think of anything to say. But sometimes reviewing is difficult because the concert is such a pleasure that I really don’t want to be listening-to-write, I just want to sit back and enjoy the unfolding moment. This was that sort of concert.

Greg Hooper:  RealTime review of Singular Vectors: A Chris Dench Portrait Concert by Kupka's Piano

an Hypallage

Paul Griffiths writes of 'an Hypallage':

Among other outstanding items are Chris Dench's setting of a definition of love from Tristam Shandy, where the voices of mezzo (Lore Lixenberg) and baritone (Omart Ebrahim) supported by sumptuos, downward flowing and fluttering piano (Johnathan Powell)) give the impression of a couple on an immense double bed who are singing out but not speaking to each other.