Alex Raineri premieres the complete flex for AR

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending a concert given by Alex Raineri for Macedon Music that included no less than five premieres of new Australian works, interspersed with some of Alex's favourite small piano works. The Australian works were fading lines by Samuel Smith, Si el clima fuera un banco by Liam Flenady (one of my colleagues on the Braneworlds CD), Chroma by Samantha Wolf, Intended Inventions by James Ledger, and my own flex for AR. This was a mammoth program, which Alex handled with his customary aplomb and flourish.

I'm accustomed to my works being performed in fairly formal circumstances in public auditoria and I was not entirely sure what the protocol would be for the semi-private Macedon Music concert. In the event, we were warmly welcomed into the extraordinary surroundings of Lowland Farm, and Kate and I spent the two hours of the concert reclining in the most comfortable chairs I have ever encountered, watching eagles circle overhead through the vast windows, and generally feeling at peace with the world. Quite a different experience to the anxiety-infused public concerts I'm used to. Long ago, somewhere, I bumped into Brian Ferneyhough late at night and he told me that he had just heard a performance of T&MS I in a bierkeller. "That's the best concert I've ever attended", he announced. I felt rather similarly about Sunday's outing.

Thanks indeed, Macedon Music!

Left to Right: Samuel Smith, Samantha Wolf, Alex Raineri, CD