ik(s)land[s] on Scorefollower

The excellent Scorefollower Project is drawing to a close. The near-final recording, ik(s)land[s], has gone up and is now available to follow. The performers are the superb ELISION with Deborah Kayser floating exquisitely through the vocal part and Carl Rosman conducting brilliantly (I'm allowed to lavish praise on my performers). This recording catches exactly the hallucinatory, hothouse, wistful, quality that I wanted the work to possess. ik(s)land[s] was originally commissioned by ELISION's artistic director, Daryl Buckley, and is dedicated the the group "both individually and collectively".

I must also add that the piece could not have come into existence without the astonishing words of berni m janssen. Read her work! In fact, hear her speak!

We will complete the Scorefollower Project shortly with an interview and I'll let you know when that is online. In the meantime enjoy the seventeen (17!) pieces of mine that are available on the Scorefollower channel