Peter de Jager premieres PdeJ 1 (facetiae) at the MRC on 6 December

It's short notice, but I would draw people's attention to Peter de Jager giving the first performance of my PdeJ 1 (facetiae) in the Salon at the Melbourne Recital Centre on December 6 2017 (that's right ....tomorrow). This piece is the first of an eventual three PdeJ pieces, all from the heretical bagatelles set: the others are PdeJ 2 (austere measures) and PdeJ 3 (laminar flow).

And, for those already consulting wiki, facetiae is a general term for witticisms, or more precisely, apophthegms.  Cicero collected them. Bracciolini is only a single example.

The other works on the program are predominantly Bach, from the 48, as the concert title Book 2, Part 3, indicates, with a smattering of other small pieces, including two canonic preludes by Stanchinsky and a Medtner Skazka. The choice of works is yet another demonstration of Peter's wide-ranging and innovative approach to programming.