World premiere of geminy

Carlton Vickers:

 I am delighted to announce that I will be presenting the world premiere of two commissions for Kingma system alto flute by Australian modernists Chris Dench and Dominik Karski. The program will also include two previously premiered commissions by the elegant James Erber and incomparable Marc Yeats, marking the final installment of a project for the Kingma system alto dating from Spring 2013. Remaining true to my highly effective 20 year interval between solo releases (I'm on everyone's album but my own), the DSD sessions and subsequent double CD Isolations in Free Sonics, are slated for early 2018.

Delores Doré Eccles Fine Arts Center, Dixie State University in St George, Utah, October 23 2017.

DENCH/geminy for solo alto flute*

ERBER/Desire Lines for solo alto flute

FERNEYHOUGH/Sisyphus Redux for solo alto flute

KARSKI/The Unquenchable for amplified alto flute solo*

YEATS/'streaming' for solo Kingma system alto flute

(* world premiere)