Lost property

There was a time, long before the advent of photocopiers, let alone scanners, when music was reproduced using smelly chemical baths or hard labour. In my teens and early twenties I produced a number of pieces that for this reason existed only in a very small number of copies, and over the years I have lost not only my original manuscripts but also any reproductions of most of these works. I know that if there are any copies in existence out there in the wider world they are very few in number. Ironically, the only pieces I can remember in enough detail to attempt a reconstruction are the earliest, two (three?) piano pieces I wrote in 1967, but it would be simpler and more reliable to find the score.

The works in question are, with approximate dates:

  • lamentations (piano solo) (1967)
  • moods (recorder and piano) (1968)
  • starharvest (orchestra) (1975)
  • Capablanca as Beethoven (countertenor, sax, clar, percussion, cello) (1976)
  • erscheinung der nacht (small ensemble) (1977)
  • compulsion (violin and piano) (1978)
  • nox mirabilis (solo violin) (1979)

These are the ones I remember.

If anyone has any idea where a score of any of these works, or others of the same vintage, might be lodged, please drop me a line through this website.

Braneworlds CD from Kupka's Piano

The new CD Braneworlds from Kupka's Piano is now available (see the CD section of this website for more information) and it has already attracted some attention. Pedro Alvarez, in his Some Recent CDs Received blog, has the following to say about flux:

"Just released last week in Brisbane, this CD is  ... packed with engaging music played vigorously by this young and essential ensemble from Queensland.

"Legendary composer Chris Dench offers in ‘Flux’ a new score full of vital pulsation. There’s nothing obvious or gratuitous about this piece. Explosions of voluptuous polyphonic density disseminate into fragile and almost lyrical lines through different paths. The kind of intellectual incisiveness that you’d expect from Dench is in good shape, and in no way secludes a most rewarding listening experience".

I had never thought of myself as 'legendary'...

Brisbane concert: Singular Vectors

Greg Hooper writes:

Sometimes reviewing a concert can be a drag—maybe the work is just not that interesting, or the performances not that good and it is hard to think of anything to say. But sometimes reviewing is difficult because the concert is such a pleasure that I really don’t want to be listening-to-write, I just want to sit back and enjoy the unfolding moment. This was that sort of concert.

Greg Hooper:  RealTime review of Singular Vectors: A Chris Dench Portrait Concert by Kupka's Piano