Chris Dench

Score Follower

Score Follower is a New Music resource. They make videos of contemporary music score that turn pages along with the accompanying recordings, which can be followed on their three YouTube channels: Score Follower, Incipitsify and Mediated Scores. They also help build the new music community through social media like YouTube, their Discord server, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their activities encourage exposure for new music composers, performers, publishers, and recording labels alike, through a meeting place on the internet that is accessible to all. Importantly, all of their uploads—scores, recordings, texts—are legally obtained.

More about Score Follower can be found here . The full list of their Featured Composers can be found on this page ; I am #5. I am currently engaged in completing the Interview for the Featured Composer page—it will not be long now before the project is completed.

Piano Sonata (2015–16)

flex for AR (2017)

ik(s)land[s] (1997–98)

AB1 (2014– )

E-330 plays (1991/2003)

vier Darmstädter aphorismen (1986–89)

dé/ployé (1987)

sulle scale della Fenice (1986–89)

closing lemma (1987–91)

e(i)ther (2005)

the sadness of detail (2002)

ruins within (1992–94)

severance (1988–94)

‘e/meth (1995)

driftglass (1990)

funk (1988–89)

tilt (1985)

topologies (1978)