Where do old reviews go when they pass on?

Over the many years I have been in and out of the recorded music industry I have written a lot of reviews. Many of them have disappeared into the mist, deservedly in the main, but a few seem to me to have the merit of drawing attention to well-deserving recordings.

What I am proposing to write for this Listening Diary are commentaries on CDs and the like that already live on my shelves, that are, on the whole, of some vintage. Implicit in the concept of the review is that the reviewed thing be new, so these are not really reviews as such; they could equally be referred to as nostalgia. But the intention is the same: to make the case for (re)visiting outstanding releases.

So by way of introduction to my Listening Diary I thought I would post some of my historic reviews, mainly those written for the Thomas’ Music website. They are almost entirely good: a few are ambiguous, but none are bad. I can’t really see the point of panning something except to save others from making the mistake of shelling out money disappointingly. If you can’t be kind, be silent, as they say.

Thomas’ Music in its heyday, on the corner of Bourke & Exhibition Streets, Melbourne