Like most composers I have many more excellent examples of performances of my work than have emerged commercially, by marvellous musicians. They are by definition marvellous because they play my music, but I have been blessed by the insightfulness and generosity of my performers since the very first outings—this means you, Douglas Balfour, Sara Stowe, Julie Adam, Michael Finnissy, Simon Bainbridge, Irvine Arditti, Nancy Ruffer, and so on over the ensuing more than thirty five years.

These are live recordings that were made either as incidental records or for broadcast. In most cases I am unclear who owns the sound recording copyright; if any copyright owner would prefer that I remove any of this material let me know and I will of course oblige.

None of the recordings are of a commercially usable quality. Some are historic radio broadcasts where the quality of my original copy has degraded over the years. In all cases these are more than twenty years old, and I regard them as ‘lapsed’. Some are fairly glitchy, others of variable quality. Hence Unedited.

Please note: these files may not be shared. They are provided for private use and study only.